Our Successes

ConMUN Awards 2016- 2017

Congratulations to all our hard working delegates! 

MUNC – Montréal 2017


Best Delegation Award

Best Delegate: Andrei Bochis (Italian War/ Crisis)
Best Delegate: Matthew Kocherha (NATO)
Best Delegate: Michael Zhao (UNESCO)
Outstanding Delegate: Eleni Gkesoura (NATO)
Honourable Mention: Anthony Di Benedetto (Italian War/ Crisis)
Honourable Mention: Jad Abi Semaan (NATO)
Honourable Mention: Julien Sinnett (Italian War/Crisis)

McMUN – Montréal 2017


Outstanding Delegate: Andrei Bochis (Fall of Constantinople/ Crisis)
Honourable Mention: Julien Sinnett (Fortune 500/ Specialized Agency)
Book Award: Eleni Gkesoura (Kongo Civil War 1665-1709/ Specialized Agency)
Book Award: Laura Galvez (PAN-AM Health Organization/ Specialized Agency)

CANIMUN – Ottawa 2017


Best Delegate: Camila Delgado (UN Environment Program)
Best Journalist: Jaspreet Dhillon (International Press Forum)
Best Justice: Myriam Babin (ICJ)
Outstanding Delegate: Agunik Mamikonyan (UNHCR)
Outstanding Delegate: Anthony Di Benedetto (UN Security Council)
Book Award: James Hanna (UN General Assembly)

NaMUN –  Toronto 2017


Best Delegate: Julien Sinnett (Coalition High Command and Provisional Authority 
in Iraq (Integrated Crisis 5way)
Book Award: Nina Bouteldja (UN Security Council)
Book Award: Paul Elliott Cormarie (Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space)

WorldMUN – Montréal 2017   21441610_1715256575174115_1475645476_o

Best Delegate: Eleni Gkesoura (Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR 1985/ Crisis)
Best Delegate: Laura Galvez (Council of Colombian Ministers/ Crisis)
Verbal Accommodation: Annelies Coessens & Adrianna Marrocco (Special + Political Decolonization Committee/General Assembly)

Vanier MUN – Montréal 2017


Best Delegate: Anthony Di Benedetto (Caesar's Civil War/ Crisis)
Honourable Mention: Samuel Fafard (Asian Cooperation Dialogue/ General Assembly)

SIM OACI – Montreal 2017










Honourable Delegation Award: ConMUN Delegation