Established in Montreal, “the best city to be a student in”, Concordia Model United Nations is dedicated to providing students with the opportunities to create change through different Model United Nations conferences around the globe. Built on a foundation of diligence, ambition, respect and unity, ConMUN pushes delegates to grow as individuals and leaders. Join our organization today and make your impact.



What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation and extracurricular. MUN involves and teaches researching, public speaking/debating and critical thinking. Conferences also allow delegates unique networking opportunities with students of the same interests, many whom are professionally involved in a variety of career fields.


How do I join ConMUN 2017-2018 Delegation?

Training sessions to prepare potential delegates start September 19th. They are followed by two In-House simulations, similar to real conferences, on October 7th and November 4th. Should you make it through both In-Houses, you’ll be dubbed an official ConMUN delegate! 

Make sure to check our calendar for the latest on ConMUN events!


How many conferences will ConMUN be attending this year? 

ConMUN will be attending 12 conferences in total on a national and an international level but aspires to include more in the following years.